We do what we love...

Working with small businesses.

We created an all-encompassing brand that truly represented the work that they do. From crafting a deep and meaningful brand to developing the entire online presence of the resulting company, we worked with the company each step of the way, maintaining a close relationship with the founder to this day.

...and we do it well.

This project required us to take a fantastic product and company with minimal brand identity and no digital strategy, and promote it globally within a limited budget. Our efforts helped the company to raise over £30,000 and gain the start it needed to blossom into the company it is today. That is something we are immensely proud of.

Client Review

So, you know how we call the lines around the world "latitude"? It's because, back when the Earth was flat, it used to be called "flatitude" and then they dropped the F. Also, thanks to the money from this Kickstarter, my company can exist, and I've been shipping 3D Printers around the world (on various lines of flatitude) for almost a year now. So there's that. Alex Youden, Founder, NFire Labs