We do what we love...

Constructing a multi-award winning campaign.

SouthpawBD, as a part of digital marketing agency Studio Kiwi, completed a whole range of services, from branding and promotional design, to web development and marketing strategy consultation.

We took the lead in crafting the entire campaign in an effort to see that the product, the world's first modular 3D printer, was able to go into production. The success of this campaign would determine the future of the NFire Labs company and the direction they would be taking in the future. So, no pressure there, then...

...and we do it well.

The campaign was 10% funded in the first 10 minutes with the first day seeing 36 backers pledging towards the goal. By the end of Day 2 the project was 30% funded.

The project received 20,000 individual views over the campaign, with an average of 500 unique views per day. The press releases were seen across the UK, Australia, China, Japan, Europe and the USA with the video receiving 7,500 views over the length of the campaign. On social media, posts typically reached 1300 - 2500 impressions. The most successful post saw over 11,000 impressions, with over 3,000 users engaging with the content.

The second to last weekend of the project received £13,000 in funding; almost half of the goal! This is due to the strategy we devised to ensure that the typical "pay day" at the end of August fell within the project timeline, with enough time that the surge in popularity allowed the goal to be reached in the final week.

The project is the 4th most funded project on Kickstarter in the East Riding of Yorkshire, the 2nd most funded from Hull, and the most funded tech project in the Hull area, closing at 106% of the goal.

Client Review

So, you know how we call the lines around the world "latitude"? It's because, back when the Earth was flat, it used to be called "flatitude" and then they dropped the F. Also, thanks to the money from this Kickstarter, my company can exist, and I've been shipping 3D Printers around the world (on various lines of flatitude) for almost a year now. So there's that. Alex Youden, Founder, NFire Labs